Monday, December 14, 2015

Over There!

Sometimes it's a good thing to take an upside down look at life.
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I know I've mentioned the dizzying amounts of moth/butterflies but they continue to be astounding. It seemed as if they were lessening in numbers until I went to Melones yesterday. It felt almost like I was swimming through them, though not one touched me. A friend said she thinks about getting out of the car and shooing them away from the roads to make sure they aren't crushed by the passage of the vehicle. That's how thick they are.

There are hundreds of them in this photo. I know, I can't see them either.

Why can't I make the camera see what I see?

There! You can see one, but there are dozens more.

Yes, those little blurs, that's them!
I've only seen one dead in the road, whether it was hit or just succumbed to flutterby old age I'll never know. But I continue to want to capture them in pixels and I continue to fail at the task. I know there is some secret but I don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?

Finally it was just a better thing to do a little swimming and a little floating and give up (for then) the effort to capture them. By the time I figure it out, they'll be gone and that will be okay. Sort of.

Heading out to have dinner with friends meant a brief trip over the bridge. How good to have an errand that let this be the view!

On the way over
On the way back
And dinner was a fine thing as well. 

Have a mention moments Monday. Do something mildly mesmerizing.

p.s. Happiest of happy birthdays to my granddaughter, Sloane!! 

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