Monday, December 7, 2015

A Walk To Town and Beyond

I had to get to a place past town yesterday morning and walking seemed like a good way to go. It wasn't hot, exercise is good for the body and the mind, reuniting both with home views. 

It is so much more green now than when I left!
Along the way I saw friends and others I'd not seen since returning, making my meandering into a gift receiving journey. 

At a gentle pace you can see a lot. Changes and samenesses, old and new. Old and older.

One good reason to look at where you are walking

Cats waiting for Ann to return

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I love this painting!
One of my favorite door handles on Culebra

That works

Oh, thank you, rain!!

So, a chicken walks into a bar...

Yeah, this has got to go. Taxis benefit, that's all.

On the way back, I looked for what I'd missed and of course, there is much. One of the chosen misses was the hundreds of white/yellow (and sometimes black/brown) moth / butterflies swarming the blooming bushes. They swoop and soar in groups of 4 or 10 or sometimes just alone. It would take a video to do them justice, but keep a lookout for them, it's quite a ballet.

Have a monocular Monday. Do something meditative.

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