Friday, December 25, 2015

Culebra Gifts ~ Happy Christmas!

This won't fit in a stocking, but here is some Culebra Christmas Eve. Thank you, readers, for all you give to me all year long!

Maybe next year I'll focus first. Maybe not!
Feliz Navidad!
The mangoes were hung by the street with care 

Our Howard elf delivered the last of the gifties

Juan Juan and his daughter getting ready for friends and family

Chuck being his practical funny self
"It keeps the wind from messing up my hair."

The moon gave a fine show

Chuck and Jorge
I didn't know they were born in the same hospital!
(but not on the same day or year)

Jorge explains a great piece of Culebra art

This couple came in bearing gifts, cool LED keychains.
I'm not quite sure how this got so blurry,
but I love this guy so he's staying!

A Culebra Christmas always includes the horses

Brave little man

Tonight she'll be full but she was very, very close last night
Have a frolicking Christmas Friday! Do something forward.

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