Thursday, December 17, 2015

All About That View

Though the forecast calls for rain this is another morning that is what winter is all about in this part of the world. We have a lot of really beautiful days but some are more spectacular than others and everyone I know pays attention and usually mentions it. From friends to acquaintances, appreciation of how lucky we are isn't taken as a given; that is a happiness maker.

Gate to the ocean

A different slant of the sun changes everything

Ok, it's not all about water
Yesterday was a Fajardo day, major errand (house)boat registering. I forgot to go to the collecteria before heading out - big oops! Both Taxi John and I figured it would be a very long wait, as two of DRNA offices are now closed, meaning everyone in the area is funneled into one place. But after showing the woman letting people in that I was from Culebra, to the head of the line I went and was out of there in under ten minutes. The reason Culebra people get to jump the line is because of our need to get back to the ferry on time, since usually the day is full of errands until it's time to head home.

New flags on the ferry!

Waiting for another ferry to dock before we could come in 

There's always something to look at for entertainment

Off to DRNA, out in Roosevelt Roads, the old Navy base. I was really surprised to be the ONLY ONE THERE! Business was quickly taken care of (if you need to do your boat regs, the official folks are going to be here on Culebra January 20th; make sure to go to the collecteria first). It was only 9:30 and I was done. Whaaaaat? 

Fortunately I had a good book to read and between watching people and reading (and washing out my backpack after I spilled a bottle of cranberry juice inside of it because I forgot that class in 'How to Screw on a Lid Tightly - lucky for me, it was a very sunny day. When it was leaving time five hours later, the backpack was fresh,clean and dry and repacked) time passed pretty easily.

Home is thiiiiiiiiiis close
Sitting among happy tourists, overhearing snippets of conversation, was almost better than the book I finished along the way. Like the guy I've never seen before telling a couple coming here to do an article on Culebra that we have no tides and that you can fish anywhere you like and always catch something. Who knew?

Have a talkative Thursday. Do something tidal.

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