Monday, August 17, 2009

Ah Ana

Ana, pronounced AH na, is still around, though we are on the back side of her now. Of course, being first to the party, she had to come early, so I hope everyone was ready! The track had her way south of us, but she was here as well (still is, in bits and pieces), and in fact, at the end made a jump north, landing her over Vieques and PR with us catching an extra hour after it seemed all was done.

The yard is happy, the dinghy is in serious need of bailing - too windy and wet and cold right now - yes, cold. That stormy cold when hot tea and a light blanket feel AUGUST!!

Of course I got a lot of photos. So I'll post them in the order the day has gone, since almost pre-light to a little while ago.

This really was the color of the sky...color Ana purple

In only minutes, purple went pink and the wind began with no rain

And then there was's still on and off - but it was calm again

After the rain I took a yard walkabout - I tucked my herbs away for safe keeping
and there they shall stay until Bill that isn't supposed to touch us goes by

At one point near the end, the wind came up out of a dead calm -
this guy chose that moment to whip across the bay - hope he got what he was after...

Waves at the mouth of the bay

How it looked before I fell asleep!

The sky is grey, there is little to no wind and sleep was delicious! Ana is exiting PR to the west. Maybe I'll go to town and get that lamp oil I couldn't find at Milka's (where they had this glass bottle that says Gas Kerosene and looks like something from 100 years ago that was hand made and put in a funky liquor bottle and that would blow up in your hand while you were just thinking about fire - or, that's what I think!).

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