Friday, August 14, 2009

Of course, nothing happened

Yesterday's morning jazz turned quickly into a blue skied, hot summer day. I'd not even tied my hair up, expecting to have it cool enough to not have sweat head. Wrong! What did happen was - a colt wandering around by Mini Mas (I don't know the end of that story yet, I notified a couple of people I thought might know who a colt with no mama around belonged to), a discovery of magic stairs out in the bush along with some old corrals, and a peaceful end of the day. At least an 8 on the scale. Not bad at all.

Follow the signs!

Even from up the street at the cart, this cat looked HUGE

Investigating (that's what kids do!)

Where can I go next?

Are you taking my picture again?? Aren't I deliciously cute?

Speaking of delicious, this is my angel Sylvia,
bringing me one of her glorious mangos. Yum!!

A walk in the bush view of town

Town dos

Some deer prints...big deer prints! Thought I was in NC

Minding my own business (sure) I found this stairway,
in what is now the middle of nowhere. Sort of.

Like the Secret Garden, but different

Looking down the steps

An old cattle corral

Make do, make a fence

A rugged old tree in magic light

My daughter Sarah told me about a wonderful podcast, This American Life that I listened to for the first time last night. NPR is hard to get here so we miss lots of great radio unless we use the internet to listen. There are many options, but this program is a good one. I'm new to podcasts, but with my mac, I use itunes, click on the podcast link and then fill in the blanks. It works! So I can listen to the full show for free and/or go back and listen to old ones as well. Addictive. And, there are many more shows available, as well as finding straight NPR live broadcasts. In case you're interested...

Lastly, I got this in my email from the tinyhouse blog and really liked it. If you, like me, can't stand to see all the pallets that get thrown away (and we have lots of those here), here are some ideas for using them. While this chair looks pretty rough, I bet it's comfortable and anyone with another tool or two could round off those harsh corners, making it a little more asthetically pleasing. Maybe this will be a new business...hmmm.


  1. I love the Chair!I would like to make some!

  2. This American Life is one of my favorite Public Radio podcasts. Let me know if you can listen to 4 without some tears. The stories are heartfelt, humorous and a good representation of every day lives. It comes on at 6:30 on Friday mornings, when I should probably already be in the shower, but I stay riveted in bed until after it's over!

  3. love the steps to nowhere....just love 'em. such photographic opportunities....and that's my colt...such a cutie.

    Go to then click on Listen and you'll see 24 hour streaming...i couldn't go through my visit last winter without it....however, podcasts are awesome as well....just watch your storage space on your computer....podcasts eat it up quickly....

  4. Yes, I love them too. Thanks for the npr info!