Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smash hit movies on Culebra! Not. Yet.

The movie Julie & Julia is making huge waves, which, as a long time fan of Julia Child's, doesn't surprise me much, and yet, does. I do know that the most popular blogs are food blogs, and we are a world, not a country or culture or hemisphere, but a world obsessed with food. Whether you have an overabundance or a scarcity or none at all, food defines our lives - our health, our well being, our sense of comfort and satisfaction - on so many levels (especially in stressful times, and these are those) that the mind boggles, just spinning off on possible tangents. So I'll try not to. Really.

I have friends in the states who are gleefully taunting me with their *I just got back from seeing Julie & Julia* emails and postings, knowing for me it won't be until Netflix has it that I'll get to enjoy the show. My daughter Sarah called me last night, describing the dinner she had made, one of Julia's recipes, her adaptations due to ingredients and the delicious results. Half of what she used I can't get here, even with the veggie guy around. No matter, she has powerful descriptors and I was full by the end of listening to them. She will see the movie this weekend. I think she is one of probably thousands who were and are cooking Julia's recipes these days as a cooking legend is rediscovered by a new generation.

Of course, my poor children don't have that as an issue. In the summers of their littleness, most every week day was designated as a Day. Library Day, Science Center Day, Cooking Day. Cooking Day meant that the child whose turn it was could cook anything (within reason and budget) they liked. Which meant, they chose something they'd never tried and they were guided by me, verbally channeling Julia Child. My son could make better omelets than I can still, when he was 10...and I bet he still hears the echos of Mama & Julia when he makes them...

I think, when Netflix finally has the movie, we'll have to make a Movie Night out of it. We'll decide who has the biggest screen and the biggest kitchen, as we all enjoy cooking almost as much as we enjoy eating...maybe just as much or even more. Good drinks, cooking and eating good food and a guaranteed good movie with friends. I think Julia would approve!

How Julia Makes an Omelette
(there are LOTS of videos of Julia on youtube.com to enjoy, choosing just one was a task)

How can anyone not enjoy this woman? Her lack of pretension, her obvious passion for cooking, just those alone without her talent, make it worthwhile to check out the movie and her cookbooks (can you imagine a TV chef today cooking on an electric stove with a teflon pan? and encouraging the less expensive pan over the more? Sacrebleu!)


  1. maybe, just maybe, it will finally be out on Netflix when I get to Culebra this winter and then i can watch it a second time with you. :))

  2. I read the book when it first came out. Having some cooking in my background, I identified with some of the food crisis that Julie had. I heard a repeat interview with with Julia by Terry Gross on NPR from 1989 and was laughing hysterically at some of her remarks. (she thoroughly enjoyed Dan Aykroyd's impersonation on SNL) I bet you can find it on their web site. Meryl's performance is a wonderful tribute to Julia – proving that you really can come back from the dead!

  3. Cruel...truly cruel...you'll have to bring the wine for that one.

  4. MJ - I have been, in my spare time (at work since it is so boring these days), reading Julie's blog start to finish. I'm up to January, 2003, where she is about 1/3 of the way through the cookbook. I hear she was not portrayed very well in the film, but I find her to be unbelievably funny and hysterical. Lewis won't go to see the movie with me, so I guess I'll be waiting for the DVD too. ;-( http://blogs.salon.com/0001399/2002/08/25.html At the end of 2002, the navigation "forward" quits working; you have to go back to home, and navigate backwards. Hope you don't get too lost in it like I have!

  5. I read part of it way way back...then I sort of forgot about it...Hey, EVERY guy I know with a woman has gone to see the movie and loved it, tell Lewis I said, GO! Manly men LOVE Julia Child...and Meryl Streep!

    I've gotten an offer on a pirated copy of the movie. Of course I was shocked and said absolutely NOT! I can see the SWAT team on the ferry now...marching down my street, swarming the shack...rolling on the ground laughing...

  6. Don't tell anyone, but in my crowd we bootleg cookbooks!