Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weather links

Suddenly, the quiet is shattered with all sorts of activity out there in the sea! Since I post weather on stormcarib.com and gotoculebra.com, I'll leave using the blog for otherwise Culebra bits and pieces...unless what is happening on Culebra is about the weather! There, that makes sense. Sure it does, have some more coffee!

In the meantime, the sky is shiny bright and the sun is making it hot, quite a difference from the clear blue of yesterday, which apparently was all over the islands. Three scouts are umbrella hunting for me today on the big island (how crazy is that and how lucky am I?), hoping for success!

BIG NEWS!!! The Gulf station will be getting gas on Wednesday (all things going well, like weather) and be re-opening. After years of working on getting some pesky issues worked out, the road ahead looks like it will be a good one for the Co-operative. Point being, will have two operating gas stations again! A good thing.

Happy Tuesday!

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