Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pelican Not So Brief

Watching pelicans is often my drug of choice. Today they were being particularly balletic...don't forget you can click on the pic to make it larger. But you can't go in the water, sorry. As for the guy in the sailboat: I have no idea who he is...I just liked the light on the sail when he was way out in the bay. And then he kept coming in, and coming in and then pulled up his centerboard and went all the way into the top of the bay and disappeared. Strange..but interesting (3 points if you remember that line!).

My name is MJ. I'm a peliholic. And I'm not ashamed.

One other note...the weather around here is heating up in more ways than one...check your lists, friends and neighbors.


  1. Loves me some pelicans, there and here. Ours are American whites. They aren't as accomplished in the diving department as Culebra's browns, but are noteworthy for their 'kettling' behavior. You see a flight of a dozen or so, circling upward. Then they join a larger spiral of, say 50-100 birds, gaining altitude. A pair of binocs reveals their destination, a virtual cloud of thousands, nearly invisible to the naked eye as they circle at altitude. With egret-white bodies and jet black wing tips, they are spectacular as they turn in the sun. Their migration brings them to St. Louis' latitude on the Mississippi flyway from January to March.

    Who wants to post the Pelican limerick? :-)

  2. Dad taught us that when we were wee...

    A funny old bird is the pelican
    His beak can hold more than his bellican
    Enough food for a week
    He holds in his beak
    But I'm damned if I know how the hellican

    (this is the combo of both in the article below, but it's the way I learned it and that's how it is!)

    I found this and learned something new this morning already! A good start to the day...(I know there is a way to make links in comments but I don't know how...yet)

  3. Are there pelicans in this post? I was kind of lost in the headless sailor. LOL!

  4. Yeah, I can understand that...and you know what's weird? I never DID see his face...he went clear up into the mangroves, onto the shore. Maybe it's better that way..