Saturday, August 15, 2009

Of all times...but of course!

We've been offline here since last night, which in my case means the phones were down, for the island, means ATM's were down. But, as of 30 minutes ago, we're back! I'm doing lots of catch up, but of course the big news is TS Ana and its follower, 90L, with them expected to be here Monday and Thursday...which of course, is a forecast, not a definite. . I'm just going to post these graphics to show why we'll all be busy today. The winds of Ana aren't expected to be *dangerous* just enough to blow stuff around, knock out the stuff that gets knocked out (water, electric, though sometimes they just keep on going great, we never know! It's a surprise!), etc. 90L is another question mark, but could be fairly stronger. So cleaning up yard stuff, securing it, all the last minute stuff goes on today.

Today is the life celebration of Peter des Jardins over on St. Croix at Hotel on the Cay. It sounds like it will be a large event and I wish I could teleport myself over there, but also know that I can be there in spirit, the same way I can be with Peter in spirit. For all of you who miss him, we're together in being grateful that we got to share in his life and hope that we can carry on his example of positive, generous joy, even if we do wear shoes!

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