Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh thank the weather gods!

Finally, a release from weather concerns! While only a few days, these events turn into what I consider "hospital time" where all indications of an hour having sixty minutes and a day 24 hours disappears into something meaningless on a measurable scale.

Of course, our visitor list on island has been minimal and since the cart is cabled and storm ready or not, along with everything else in my world - more or less - it seems a fine time to take advantage of a chance to go on a brief island hopping trip, seeing some old friends and putting Culebra in my rear view mirror for awhile. Nothing like creating the set-up for 'It will be great to get home!' syndrome, which only takes me a very short time. Leaving by boat, it takes a week or so, by plane, I start missing home before I've left our air space. A good thing.

The sun is back!

The first Peter Pepper Pops!
(you'll understand the name more as it grows -
of course it was my brother who sent the seeds!)

Aji cabelleros - Puerto Rican peppers, fourth or fifth go round

Mint (yes A & K, help yourself for mojitos!)

If we actually leave tomorrow, I'll be back in a week or so with photos, unless I can't stand it and post mid-holiday...but don't count on it! If we're'll know it first!


  1. Hospital time takes every thing else time away. So slowly and yet the day is gone. Exhausted and all you did was sit and talk or stare or watch the hospital TV. Sending positive energy~~~

  2. And I'm getting it! Recoup with sailing and getting away will be good. Hugs to you!

  3. Safe travels to you during this break in the weather. Alas, Hurricane Danny will be dampening my weekend!!!!!

  4. From Jost I'm watching invest 94 and hoping Danny isn't as damaging as he well, batten down!