Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muff the Magic Dive Boat

Muff today (literally)


Live the Dream

If you know Culebra, you know about Capt. Jack and Muff the Magic Dive Boat. If you want to know Culebra, ask for some stories about Jack and Muff when you get here. If you want to actually live the dream, you can own the original certificate to Muff the Magic Dive Boat, its newer cousin, the log book, an original business card or two, an original Muff t-shirt and yes, Muff herself. All of this comes with the purchase of the certificate!

While Capt. Jack may not be around, his spirit is, as is Capt. Pat, so you will have your own personal guide in the purchase. Plus Capt. Pat's willingness to tell you any and everything you want to know about Muff, Jack and some stories of Culebra 'back then'.

Here's what is on offer: (don't forget you can click to enlarge the photos)

Muff today


  1. oh. double oh. how did you manage to post this today? oh. i'm laughing and crying and feeling very homesick and nostalgic.......such wonderful old, old pictures...

  2. I was three steps from done when you called...glad it's here, for all the good reasons. I just was out taking another photo of her before heading back in...check it out.

  3. Somebody needs to oil the gunwales...is there a motor in the deal?

  4. There is a motor in the deal. It needs some work, but is fixable, according to Pat. Not on it right now while it is not being used.