Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of the crazier days in Paradox

As noted, today started out with weather...and ends with more weather. But in between I took a bunch of photos on my way to town, thinking I'd do a blog on my work drive. But I don't have the energy to do it. I also have a project to post for Muff the Magic Dive Boat, Jack's boat, that is for sale. Well, the certificate is for sale actually, the boat comes with it. But I don't have the energy to do that either.

So, what you get is what I can do. I closed the cart minutes before a big squall hit. It was short lived and powerful, enough to send me home. Plenty to do here...but right before I got to the dock I saw this bird walking the shore. I've not seen an egret with this coloring and someone will have to tell me what it is...but it was very beautiful. There is some lack of focus as I was in the dinghy in some pretty bouncy water, but hopefully, the coolness of him will bypass the lack of expertise in the photos.

Now we have three systems looking to eat our lunch (or someone's), so readiness is the watchword. I think there are some tired people tonight...who will be more tired tomorrow. By the time Ana rolls over or below or above us, let alone Bill or the potential Claudette, we'll all be asleep.
Only two of the systems...don't be greedy

I raised a glass to Peter with people who didn't know him but understood his spirit and the reality that it is everyone's loss that he no longer walks among us with his smile. I can't help but believe he's near by with a grin as the storms line up...


  1. Since yesterday, the juvie great blue has been tugging at the edge of my conciousness. What the heck does it remind me of? Then it hit me as I was heading to bed; it's a piece of Wedgewood!

  2. Well done! Great cheney shards of Chinese and English china the same. Very good.