Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday the Rest

It was a flukey day today weather wise. We had bluer skies than we've had in awhile, nice! Then a couple of very brief rain showers with almost black clouds gathering, hovering and blowing away...then the steam was rising from the black asphalt (isn't there another lighter color for asphalt?), blowing low over the street in the wind. My little corner was just steamy, with the breeze blowing exactly the wrong way to cool me off. I'd put out a cry for the umbrella I'm looking for at Costco's but if six show up I'd be in a bit of a bind...unless I just start selling the damn things! But apparently they've re-stocked, so I'm on the prowl...must-have-umbrella!

Here is what I saw this afternoon...

I think I'd lived here a couple of years before I knew there was crepe myrtle around...
at least I think this is crepe myrtle!

This is my one of my new creations...Wind Pods...they are really fun to make and almost as much fun to hear comments about as people guess what seed pods I've used
...and yes, of course they are for sale (shameless *it's my blog* plug),
you can even special order, incorporating your own bits and pieces

The almost surreal grey sky today made the flamboyant
in Sue & Tuck's yard appear to be glowing -
very beautiful and not quite least by me!

By day's end there was a mistiness in the once again blue air,
with clouds like this surrounding us

Have a glorious evening as we roll into Monday...

Edit for crepe myrtle debate! In looking at the leaves and blossoms, I'm pretty sure the one I took the photo of is a crepe myrtle. I may be wrong but I know for sure it's not a bougainvillea. More guesses are welcome!

From a gardening site

From a yard on Culebra

Queen Crepe Myrtle - From the above gardening site

Whereas THIS is a bouganvillea
(note the difference in both *blossom* & leaves)


  1. Aren't they? This crazy woman I know gifted me - her beautiful cast offs became my fun time inspiration!

  2. Not crepe myrtle, bougainvillia.

  3.'s not bougainvillia - but it could be crepe myrtle!

    I'll do an edit with a close up I took of it that I hadn't posted, and the one here...