Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Friday in Paradox

These are from over a couple of days that feel like a month or so. Thanks is in order. For friends that hug, for friends that make me laugh, for friends that offer distractions, for friends that know when to be quiet. I'm an incredibly beyond measure fortunate person, amazed at the pure grace in my life. Those inadequate words weighted, thank you. With love.

The moon in full

CWIM has been acting much more like a dog than a cat, sensing a comfort need,
she's attached herself to me, regardless of where I am or what I am doing,
in the most un-catlike - and rather too squishy - way;
that's my arm, trying to type at the computer

Good to see Walt readying his boat to go sailing - I wanted to make dinner with the sealife attached to the bottom, but he says he'll feed someone else by cleaning it out at Dakity

Bell pepper

Sea almond acting like it is fall...pretty...maybe this year I'll try roasting them?


  1. back at you. but most of all, i love you for quickly deciding cutting our hair last night woulda been big no-no.....

  2. nodding my frizzy shaggy grey head of hair to you...sometimes love means just saying no