Sunday, August 16, 2009

A mishmash

First, thank you Bird Lady! for identifying the bird in the previous post. It's a very young little blue heron. Apparently they don't get their full color all at once, a factoid I didn't know, having never seen such a young one. My little bay seems to be drawing birds again; an American Night Heron was hanging around a few days ago. It had hurt its foot somehow but wouldn't let me anywhere near it. Gone now, so hopefully all is well.

Second, I got these beeeeeuuuuuuuteeeful photos of my granddaughter eating her first oysters and first shrimp po'boy from the family's recent trip to the Gulf Coast. Anything that makes me smile a lot these days, I'm sharing! My daughter Michelle is trying to make up for the fact of my jealousy at not being able to eat oysters with them...pretty good job, kiddo!

Third, Sean is out of the hospital! Hooray! He kept being interrupted by the sound of the seaplane flying over the Seattle harbour while he and Nancy ate lunch. Definitely a better sound than the whisk whisk of nurses' shoes on shiny floors.

Fourth, the Cwim series. I was trying to grab a few more minutes of sleep when it seemed like Santa and all of his reindeer were on the roof. Instead, it was Cwim, running around like mad up there. Why? I have no idea. When I came outside she looked at me with a small cry, like she had no idea how to get down. Two seconds after I came back inside, she followed, using the genipe tree, no doubt. But don't tell, she thinks it's a secret.

Which brings me to those pesky storms - see and/or for info. They are wearing me out! Today will be finish it up day for all the things I forgot to buy, like...toilet paper. It's the little things that make the difference between comfort in unpleasant circumstances and...damn it, I can't believe I forgot that! discomfort.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. Cwim looks positively leonid in the last shot. ***Perched above the parched savannah, awaiting the dusk arrival of the speedy impala at the bubbling spring. Her hungry cubs await supper in their hidden den***

  2. Oh my god! You are channeling Marlin Perkins!!! I can hear what comes next..."Steve will now move slowly forward...she will kill to defend her cubs and Steve has nothing but his wits: he will move stealthily to keep his scent downwind of her..and now, a word from Mutual of Omaha."

  3. Yea, we have cats just like Cwim. I keep thinking that cat channeling should be my next career!
    MJ, I love hearing about the weather in Culebra this time of year (last post) My daughter has started calling me "Willard" because of my obsession with the weather. Let's face it, weather is an important factor in our lives. Here, is it going to snow tomorrow, and there, any tropical/hurricane storms in the forcaste. There is a saying here in Vermont which I may have shared with you before, but should be mentioned again..."if you don't like the weather, wait a minute." I hope everyone is doing well with what is being thrown at them with the tropical storms. Invitaion still holds!

  4. June, I grew up in Florida, where the 'wait a minute' quote was born...I thought. Since then, any state or country I've ever lived in or visited? They all have the same saying! With some more dramatic than others, but yeow, snow in August? You might win this time!

    Thanks for the invite...if I had some ruby red shoes, I'd probably be there now!

  5. I'm not sure if I should admit this, given that it happened when most readers of this blog were yet to be born, but I met Marlin several times at his "day job" as director of the St. Louis Zoo.

  6. Just another reason to adore you can tell me Marlin stories when you get here!