Friday, June 24, 2011

1st International Day of the Seafarer!

Just a quick post as the day holds a lot of things to do - including finding the veggie guy (who last week was almost hidden from sight in front of the NOT used Alcadia (next to the water office) in case you didn't/don't find him in the usual spot.

Today is the first Day of the Seafarer - an active group working with seafarers from around the world, particularly highlighting the issues with deadly pirates that are still ongoing.

Interested in taking a little quiz so you can see how much you know about how your goods get to you? Go here. The certificate won't get you on a boat, but it might up your knowledge and you can hang it on your wall, thanking seafarers for the difficult jobs they do.

Have a freeboard Friday! Do something in fair winds and following seas.

p.s. I've got to add this because it seems my day to win things! I sent a tip for living small to Tiny Green Cabins and won a hat!

Here's the tip:

Start with something many dishes, bowls, glasses do you really need? Give/sell the rest, space and the incentive to do more (from someone who used to have six sets of plateware and all the rest to go with it - down to 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, etc)

Here's the hat:

Ok, I'm off to buy a lottery ticket immediately!

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