Saturday, June 25, 2011

A yes-I-know-it's-Saturday Free Range Friday post

Since I never got around to posting anything foodie yesterday, I figured I'd do it now. Because.

1. Because I keep seeing all these recipes in the last week about rhubarb. Rhubarb tarts. Rhubarb pies. Rhubarb almond bars.
2. Because I've never seen rhubarb around here. That means any island I've ever been to around here.

3. Because I had a lightning bolt memory, taste included, of making strawberry rhubarb pie with the strawberries and the rhubarb straight from my garden.
4. Because rhubarb used to scare me before I ever cooked with it. I thought my tiny little daughter would eat its leaves and get sick. Or I'd make it and do something wrong and we'd all die.
5. Because that didn't happen. Instead, it was delicious! Just because I can't get fresh rhubarb doesn't mean I should ignore it!
6. And finally, even if it is a funny word, it's still fun to say.

Here is a link to the Pick Your Own website, with a super simple recipe for making rhubarb strawberry pie, complete with great photos so you don't have to be scared of rhubarb. Of course, probably in America, you can just buy all-ready-to-cook-with rhubarb...but it won't be the same. Plus, this is a great site, full of lots of interesting information concerning veggies and fruits. It also tells all sorts of places in the US to pick...rhubarb! as well as other goodies from the garden, just in case you don't have your own.

I hope my son is growing rhubarb this summer. I hope he still has some around when I get out there (yes, son, that's a hint!). We'll make this together and it will be good!

Buen provecho!

Have a salivating Saturday! Do something simmeringly.


  1. I like Rhubarb. My grandparents grew it on their Ohio farm.
    I posted my post today with Sunday in the title, thinking it was Sunday. Then I saw your post and realized it was Saturday!

  2. Ah, it's good to live in the islands...even without rhubarb!