Monday, June 27, 2011

A Bit of This, That and Stickman

If it rains a bit more, I won't have to water the plants. Ah, the hardships of life. This is how my world looked about an hour ago, before what looked like a deluge. We're in for more rain I think, but right now it's just dark and cool and beautiful. Well, beautiful to me and the cat.

Yesterday I went snorkeling in the early morning with a couple of friends. We were hoping to see a manatee or two that a friend had seen a few days before...but were pretty sure they weren't going to be at 'X marks the spot'. They weren't. But we did see a spotted eagle ray and lots of gorgeously marked sea turtles, munching away on turtle grass One of these days I'll have an underwater camera.

After our swim, it was time to do a bit of work. One thing about the tropics is that you try to remember that opening doors, or shaking out towels is something to do cautiously, because you never know what might be lurking. This is what was not exactly lurking, more like lurching around on the floor of one room. I've never seen a critter like this before. Anyone know what it is called beside Stickman? We played with it awhile and then set it in the gardens, where it quickly disappeared.

Better than seeing a scorpion!

How I remember them
* Update! A reader told me the above is a praying mantis. Which is what one of us guessed (not me!). I thought praying mantis' had color and...a bit 'fatter'.
Maybe the above is a tropical praying mantis? More research required! Thanks, Nancy! 
* Update dos! It IS a stickman!!! Check it out

Coming down from House Sitting Hill, these two beauties were meandering around the road. I love the tail on this darling baby...

One more cup of coffee. One more 'wait a little while to see what the weather is going to do'. Let the day begin...again!

Have a meaningful Monday! Do something mindful.


  1. Around these parts (Ozarks), what we call walking sticks are more common than preying mantes, and are good luck to have around.

  2. He seemed to have a lot of good luck himself, since we didn't step on him about four times before we got him outside!

  3. Phasmatodea
    That's a walking stick insect.

  4. Ayup! Took me awhile to figure it out but indeed, it is.