Friday, July 15, 2011

How timely, this quote! Thanks, Chris; it's a headliner (literally).

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." Mark Twain

I woke late from a crazy dream...every job I ever had, meat piled up, goat, beef, chickens, but at the bottom were clothes to be given away sorted, supposed to run this Out of Africa like hotel and grill the meat but no time was set, no number of guests, no plan; plus I was to teach them how to do all of everything, cooking, butchering...people kept coming in and out, huge cool stone walled rooms with those dull colored old tiles on the floor - some people who were hotel guests, others who hoped I'd let them use the laundry for free. And then there were the lions. Lions, lions coming in and out of the living room area. I knew, in that dream way you know, that one lion was okay, but weren't five dangerous?

Good little teevee!
I think that is what happens when you eat a way bigger than one person should eat T bone steak, too late at night...accompanied by wine. Followed later on by coquito (that coquito you buy in duty free to take to America - and it was pretty damn good!). Followed by watching this little television that my brother got, a tiny flat screen, like a hurricane television that works! Never watching television, of course, I'm mesmerized and fell asleep to its blathering, waking up thinking I was being yelled at around 3 this morning. Yes, I'm pretty sure I can blame it all on that, all of that. So I will.

Some yields from yesterday's walkabout.

I have no idea what this is named. But there it was, at my feet. Art Street

One of my favorite trees, the banyan

I have no idea what this tree is, but it would make great armor!

I saw these herons up in a tree (a REAL pine tree, I might add) in someone's yard.

Obviously she is nesting, but oh how uncomfortable it looks!

He was busy, keeping an eye on her and an eye on me...I left them to it

A gorgeous stand of black bamboo

Another one of those, I don't know much about flower names, but I know what I like!

see above caption!

Ditto tres
The last four photos were all from the same yard. I wondered if the police would show up and question what I was doing...after all, this isn't Culebra! Photographing someone's yard might not be such a great idea. But of course, nothing whipped up in my imagination happened except getting some nice memories on record.

I know it's free range Friday, but the thought of doing anything concerning food is just a little over the top for me. I think tea, and a swim are on the agenda!

Have a non-feeble Friday! Do something flappable!

p.s. Give a prayer or positive thought or whatever you call directing healing, toward Daphne today. I don't know what's happened in the last hours, but she was taken to San Juan so they can figure it out - more good hearts toward her, Louis and Raquel can't hurt!


  1. Weird dream. That tree with the spikes is a Cieba Tree, we have one in our yard. The spikes will go away after the tree gets out of it's 'teenage years'. Ours is just starting to get them, and it's 3 years old.
    All the other pics are great too, BTW!

  2. Yes, it was a weird dream. One you don't even try to figure out but leaves you waking up tired!

    Thanks for the tree name. I just heard from another friend of mine about the cieba tree...hope to put the info in a post later on. Very interesting tree!