Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Safe and Sound in the City

Ok, the soundness might be questionable. But the rest is rock solid. After an uneventful day of traveling, my brother picked me up at the airport (also uneventful, nice!) and suggested stopping on the way home for a fresh air detox, shedding the canned air I'd been sucking in via airports and planes. Well, one plane. The VAL plane has a fresh air vent that I actually had to close as it was blowing my cheek into a blast back face mask. At this age, I don't need to stretch the old cheek skin any more than that necessitated by smiling. 

Cloud views were not so easy to get from over the wing...but here are a couple of them
The place we stopped, officially called Ernie's BBQ but known to those who have been around longer than five minutes as Dirty Ernie's (best known for its conch chowder when I went there close to 30 years ago) has a great upstairs deck. I didn't take photos - digging around for the camera just wasn't happening - but luckily, someone did (no credit available to give).

With great upstairs drinks (there's a bar downstairs too). And a super friendly waitress. And you can smoke there. At street level is a very busy highway but hey, it's old main drag of the city!

 Oh bro isn't the only guy 
who pats the mermaid's bottom

The good thing is, there are still spots like Ernie's, a few little old single story Florida houses (now businesses), even an L shaped, one story apartment building lingering, even as we are in mid-years with such homage to Big. Florida is a funny place; if you've been around it a long time, even on and off, you know there is no generalization that is accurate. I'll just say, there is still a reason I love the whole state, because it's got more weird wonder niches than a pecky wood cypress.

I took off my shoes and socks, replacing them with flip flops. Figured I'd wait to shed the jeans and replace with shorts but obviously not in time...had to endure the brother comment about how strange it is to see me wearing jeans. It was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh time. Ah, I'm here. Ah, I'm on holiday. Ah, my brother's leg is good and he did a mini jig to prove it. No video on that. Yet.

We moved into cheese and wine time. That flowed well into ah WASABI!  and sushi time. Leading quite naturally to, sorry, were you talking to me? I'm asleep time. Family is good.

Gotta love calling out for home delivered sushi!

Morning view (5:30) from the balcony

Have a wending Wednesday! Do something walkable.

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