Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quiet 4th

Since I didn't post about the 4th, I thought I would now. It was pretty quiet around here, though after two days of much rain, it had stopped and the sun was doing its best to make up for lost holiday time. There were no fireworks, I don't even recall hearing cherry bombs this year.

I had no plans to do anything, until a call came to get together with a few friends. We'd watch the sea, have libations and eat a ton of food from Zaco's Tacos. I personally felt eating Mexican food on this particular 4th of July seemed like the perfect thing to do. That's what being a rebel without a cause will do to your brain. Maybe the alternative would have been a menu of things like bangers and mash, but we did that up better by being with our favorite English amiga instead. Hands across the water and all that. Or at least, hands across the wine.

Boats came pouring out of bays, heading back to the big island

The ferry was incoming

Where did they all come from?

Planes were leaving as well

So long, holiday people!

We'll just stay and raise our glasses to Independence of another kind

Which is far better than ending up like the passengers on the Royal Miss Belmar, a ferry that was coming back to St. Croix from St. John - but they didn't make it past St. Thomas....

You can read the story here

Hopefully all those injured will be healed up quickly.

Have a well-being Wednesday. Do something wonderful.


  1. I love Mexican food, we really don't have any Mexican food here.
    We had a quiet 4th too.

  2. We didn't have any either, so this is fun, good prices too. Um, yeah, I expect you did have a quiet 4th!! Somehow can't quite see American Independence Day getting much play there...