Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ocean Balm

Yesterday I learned about the passing of a good man from Culebra, swift and shocking and sad, because men like him are rare, and though it was his time, it was not our time and he will be greatly missed by a wide spectrum of people, from family to friends to acquaintances, to whom he always had an outstretched helping hand. One of his big loves was his horses, and it was while working with them that he left us. A comfort in its way. To Edwin's family and closest friends, I can only offer my sorrow for the large space he leaves behind in your lives, and thankfulness that he was here at all.

My son took me to the coast (perfectly named Shelter Cove), because he knows me pretty well. Here are some shots of a place wild and beautiful. A different kind of ocean balm, a different place than home, but the sameness of the sea in all of its powers.

 Seals on the rocks


 Picnic table and matching gull

 An oyster grill instead of a pig roasting pit

 Mama had just hopped over the fence

 Black Sand beach (more like rocks, and beautiful)

 The path to the beach is outside the photo to the left...with Nesta on top
cliff edge and steep and well worth it

 Birds flocking in along with the fishermen

 How the fishing boats get hauled out every day

It's hard to think 'rest in peace' about Edwin, my head too full of seeing him in active mode.  But who knows? Maybe there are amazing horses where he is now... I hope so.


  1. MJ,

    Sorry to hear this. I had not met him, but am sensing a powerful regret for that lack.

    Sensational pix of a totally different oceanscape than I've seen. Keep 'em coming...

  2. Thanks on the photos; I feel the same way about it!

  3. Condolences,
    These are all really great pictures.

  4. So sorry about Edwin. I don't recognize him, but I do recognize when Culebra has lost someone special. Hugs!

  5. Well put, Deb! From what I gather, today was his funeral and as one of his good friends put it, all of Culebra turned out...