Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Morning in Paradox

The good news is...the rain chances diminished in a huge way overnight, from high to low. It's overcast but so far, no water from the sky. The bad news is...well, there really is no bad news. Around here at least...which is about as far as I want to go with that!

Instead, I'll stick close to home, putting things in something close to order. That preparation thing I keep bugging everyone about is never more clear than when one won't be around to do anything else but hope for the best with whatever has been done, or left undone. I want to tape a note to my forehead...shut off the propane before you walk out the door! Or maybe I should just do it now. 


Again, mea culpa on the photo quality, but I can't stop shooting just because perfection (which is never reached anyway, even with perfect mechanics) isn't possible. In fact, the best shot of the day is the one I missed, naturally. I had just run out to do an errand and on the way home, there was a man - the father? - on a bicycle, pedaling alongside of a young boy - the son? - who was on his young Paso Fino horse. The man was like a pacer, the boy was bareback. It was beautiful. My camera, which I thought I had with me, was not. There most likely won't be a next time, but there will be something else. There always is.

 In the mangroves

 Power Sail

I pull this as a weed all of the time...and then the ones I miss blossom

Have a sultry Saturday. Do something soothing.


  1. Here, tons of rain.
    We have similar weeds as in your bottom photo, I often think about picking one out of the grass and potting it.

  2. They really aren't a bad looking weed...they will just crowd out everything else! Grass, aloes, whatever. and they are super creepers. At least they don't vine!