Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Key to Culebra Life

One of the things high on my list of 'what I love about Culebra' is the pioneer-like ability to take situations that look close to impossible and turn them into something workable, from machine parts to recipes to making money. The solutions don't always work and sometimes it is easier (and smarter) to go back to a known, with known potential, than inventing solutions. But for all of us who choose the latter, it always is fun to watch someone figure out how to keep on keepin' on, Culebra style. Which means, at least a part of you is laughing as you go along, with sand on your feet.

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Of course, being in the midst of that very thing myself, this cartoon seemed to succinctly sum up (something I'm obviously incapable of doing) exactly what the above is trying to say!

Have a try-this-on-for-size Thursday! Do something totally.


  1. All my life I've been trying to figure out how to make money. Things that work for others don't work for me!

  2. All I can say to that is...try something no one else is doing. The companion of the above is that, I've done things here to make money I never thought I could do...(I've had some weird jobs but...) I'd never done retail, I'd never done construction, things I did for fun (cooking projects, like hot sauce) or for friends, I've learned that people will pay for. Of course...we've got a small pool here to jump in, which helps a lot. That cliche, think outside the box, applies here in a major one is looking for experts, unless it's REALLY brain surgery, most are looking for reliability and a willingness to give the best one has - it doesn't hurt to pick the brains of people who already know answers to mysteries you might need to be able to use to better your abilities (and most I know are over and above happy to help).