Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let the Sun Shine In

Though yesterday started out grey and overcast, that burned off to a perfectly beautiful blue sky sunny day...the first time I've worn shorts here. Evening found us sitting up in the yard and watching some very talented musicians, violin, cello, two guitars, a mandolin and a bodhran, the large Irish tamborine/drum, very impressive instrument (well, they all were).

They played for some equally talented Irish folk dancers. It wasn't an event as such, but something some people around here get together to do on Tuesday nights. Lots of fun to watch, I'm sure more fun to participate in. On both fields, I'm a better appreciator than a player, and appreciate I did. No photos, it was one of those 'maybe when you all know me better I'll ask if it's okay' things.

We finally figured out how to get our road photos off my son's camera to my computer, so here they are. Some of them anyway. He was great at noticing me twitching in the passenger seat and pulling over so I could feed the addiction. Thanks, Elijah!

 San Francisco bay

 Alcatraz wasn't nearly as far away as I thought it would be 

 Amazing flowers everywhere

 Great octopus topiary

 Lots of vendors had these babies piled up

 It's hard to see, but there were a LOT 
of people swimming in that cold water...brrrr!

 Golden Gate bridge from way up a hill and over the warehouses

 There was a horticultural show going on and this bus showed up

 Great old neon sign (for my bro)

 This wooly mammoth tusk was both sad and stunning (click for a closer look)

 The Bushman of San Francisco - he 'hides' behind this bush and scares people...and they give him tips! A waiter in a place across the street told us he watched one woman, who obviously knew the deal, acted scared, fell down and started shaking, freaking out the Bushman...
until she started laughing and yelled 'Gotcha back!'

 We took a bus down to the wharf, with this great bus driver who looked at Elijah's Grateful Dead t-shirt and asked him about a song...Elijah started to sing it, the bus driver joined in. Nice way to start a city day. We walked back to where we'd parked the car,
which was sort of like going to Resaca three times. Fun though...
architecture that kept me ohhing and awe-ing all the way back.

 We were going to walk across the bridge but the day, which started out with 
very few people around, got more and more crowded.
It was time to head to the country instead.

 Heading toward Route 1, barely over the bridge, it goes quiet. These houseboats are in such a primo place...close to the city, but feeling quite far away. Great houseboats too.

 Oh! There's San looks so peaceful from here!

 Guy out on a point fishing. A second later, I was totally busted as he looked back

 This sailboat is for Francie

 A lost in time afternoon sea cloud - we watched it for miles

 There was a road that led us into this magical place. On the road was a fox! He just stared at us and then skipped over to this drive...we got the camera out just not in was perfectly clear it was supposed to be a memory photo. 

 This whole area turned out to be a nature preserve, with little tiny paths meandering through, some places had a boardwalk, but not a lot. It felt like you were the first person to ever discover it. Well done, California wildlife people!

 The clouds/fog rolled in, making Lost in Time views

 Down the face of this cliff were the most beautiful blooming succulents I've ever seen. 
I didn't stay there too long though; .it was a long way down.

 The variety of wildflowers and plants was extraordinary. 
This plant was as soft as downy feathers.

 Where we stayed before continuing the trip...notice the palm tree motif? I don't get it, 
not with huge, beautiful trees all around...but then, I don't get a lot of things

 Out in the alley, this lone rose was the beauty queen

 Heading out the next morning on a grey day...but still breathtaking

 I loved this lone farm house, right on the ocean side. It was abandoned. I want to move in.

Nearing the end of Route 1 (or The 1, as they call it here). 
I love this road. 

And I love my son for letting me have one more thing checked off my bucket list (driving up Route 1, at least a lot of it, we're planning for the rest another time) and for being such a perfect road companion; the kind who stops when it has just entered my head to stop. For oysters. For photos. For just the 'oh wow'. And for being such a good driver. Route 1 is twisty and turny with steep inclines and declines, and I only had to gasp a couple of times (like when the deer jumped in front of us and we almost clipped its back end, but it was pretty good - a tap on the brakes, the deer jumped and on we went). What a great trip!

Have a warbling Wednesday! Do something wishful.


  1. I'm now in LOVE with the Blue Mermaid, its on the Bucket List THANKS!

  2. All the response I could have asked for and more! She's waiting.

  3. I love your travelogue!

  4. Thanks, Deb! I'm having such a wonderful time and meeting the most amazing people along the way. Last night I met a woman who started (and built) her own homestead 30 years ago. She's in her 70's, still seriously active and funny too. Today I met a couple who have a big spread, she's a baker with a dedicated kitchen as big as...Susie's whole area of restaurant. All in a A frame style. With a huge huge garden, full of butterfly drawing flowers and a greenhouse full of perfectly set out veggies...they even grow lettuce in the winter! Oh, and they live in a yurt. So much, so much. We ate some pizza a girl had just made in the wood fired oven...drank some wine. Laughed. Oh, I think I just made another blog post!

  5. You must post a picture of yourself standing under the ships steering wheel Fishermans Wharf sign.....
    I love SF, I was stationed at Mare Island briefly while I was in the Navy

  6. I don't know about that photo, but anything has been known to happen! I'll have to look up Mare Island, I don't know which one it is.

  7. Great post! That bus at the horticultural show wasn't named 'FURTHER' was it? I miss Ken.

  8. Nope, but this IS Further country! Wavy Gravy is still introducing music acts at festivals around here. And yes, I miss him/them too but there seems to be a good amount of that back to basics attitude around here and it's like slipping into my favorite old pair of leather patched, embroidered Levi's...