Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ok, Where Were We...or Where Am I?

My few days in south Florida with my brother flew by in a succession of Laughing Eating Drinking (yes, the movie is coming) and trying to do too much, while ending up doing just exactly enough. As it usually goes.

No, this oil container ship is not towing the parasailor, it is waiting (sometime for days) for gas prices to go up a penny or more, to make more money when it discharges its cargo. Really.

 Alligator skin seat cover. Doesn't everyone?

 I truly wanted to steal this sign that was on the walkway
next to our table. I didn't. Too hard to get off of there.

 Oysters at Southport Raw bar. Yum. Times 12.

 Pretty much sums itself up...

 Conch salad at The Jib. It comes with habaneros on the side. Perfecto!

Jonny's conch chowder. The red kind. Delicious!

The full moon pulled us down to Miami, to see a friend of Jonny's and to catch the moon rise over Biscayne Bay.  We walked in a fantastic waterfront park until Tya got off work from her job, which is next door at the Miami Herald. Then we caught a taxi across the bridge to a wonderful boardwalk that is very close to the cities of Miami and Miami Beach respectively. It was neither or both. Truthfully, I'm not exactly sure where we were, there were boats and skaters, families and couples, a couple of eateries and a long, long boardwalk that ended in sand moonlight reflecting water.

 I took this for sentimental history's sake (obviously not for photography's sake). 
It's waterfront location, though historically valed, appear to be more lucrative 
sold to Malaysian casino folks. I guess it's all a gamble...

 I tried to find some info about the history of these chairs. 
It's out there somewhere, but I can't find it at present.
They are each full of symbols, one Jewish, one Christian, one...uh, Cuban?

 No satos here, but plenty of perros!

In the midst of a huge city, here on the waterfront is this park, with these chairs. All very safe feeling as well. It was pretty wonderful, as this used to be a pretty skeezy area...

 Is this not the cutest coqui?

 This is Henri. For Henrietta. She is quite the joker.

And there you have it...moon over Miami!

And that was one day, which should have been maybe three, but it was a great full moon time. And all that is said about the full moon making people a little crazy? If you don't know the facts already, it's true. 

The flight out to San Francisco was amazing. It was literally a 5 hour sunset, not ending until we made that hundreds of miles long glide below the atmospheric night cover to the runway. No one claps their hands when you land in San Francisco from Ft. Lauderdale. And it was worthy, the long flight smooth almost all the way and all four feet on the ground? No clapping? Sheesh.
 So long, FLL, see you next time

 Oh wow...this is getting crazy beautiful!

 Do you see the Art Deco-ish lady, sitting at an Art Deco-ish table?
You don't? Come back to it later...way later.

 Right underneath the black layer? San Francisco. The black was night. For true.

We're almost caught up here. A day in San Francisco and a drive up the most beautiful single highway I've ever been on is ahead. Go rest your eyes on something calming.

I'm off to watch strawberries being picked. Yes, that's exactly what I said. My son won't let me pick them. I think he loves me. So then I'll walk river...

Have a tenderloin Tuesday  Do something tap-dancingly.

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