Monday, July 4, 2011

Why is That?

The radar looks pretty clear this morning, which will be good news to the soggy celebrators on this 4th of July weekend. We've been inundated with rain, heavy rain, light rain, stormy rain, barely there rain for the last few days. Not exactly the dream tropical holiday come true.

Pretty much how the radar looked all day yesterday, except usually rain was on top of us
I did get out in the early part of the day, though work was curtailed by rain. Even the indoor work we were doing, oiling wood and varnishing (really we were cetol-ing; you can read about that here if you like), was going to suffer if we kept on in the damp, humidity filled air. But I did take these shots, because I know I assume people understand when I talk about boats being rafted up for the holidays and maybe someone doesn't. This isn't a primo example, but of course, I'll see that tomorrow and not get a photo.

This was before the rain really set in for the day...nothing like having good amigos around on boats...I have a feeling the rain didn't stop the parties. Not a bit. Sometimes there will be 10 or more boats rafted up, and at Dakity, there might be, but it's been too hazy/rainy to really get a good photo from my yard.

While sailors rarely raft up unless necessary, these folks thrive on it. Did I mention Puerto Ricans know how to party? No matter what? Most of these boats (and people!) come over from the big island and congregate here, or Dakity, or a few other weather protected small bays. Yes, Culebra is a good place to be and on holidays (which, in July, every weekend is a PR holiday of some kind) will find the Puerto Rican navy in port.

This morning in the yard, I was thinking about my neem trees. I was given these trees at the same time, by the same person. They have grown wildly differently. One a regular tree. The other looks like a mad bush gone on steroids. And now, they have different colored blooms. I don't know why, unless it's a male/female thing and that's a guess. But I bet some of my science smart friends know the real reason. Do tell!

The papayas have also gone crazy, beautifully crazy. If we ever have sun again, there should be fruit...for the iguanas and birds, who usually beat me to them.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Do something forthrightly.

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