Monday, July 11, 2011

If you need a Culebra is a 2 minute present for you

Maybe you've been to Culebra once or twice or maybe you've been here many, many times. Maybe you've never been here and think you'd like to come around one day. This is a little bit of what it is like on Culebra*, if you do it right, and let Culebra do you right. Maybe you can't get here at all. That's okay, you can do this at home anytime. It's not the same but it's the same.

Here's what I want you to do. Get yourself comfy. Click the link below. Wait until the clock starts and close your eyes. Try not to open them until you think the time is up. When you can actually do this, you'll know a lot more about Culebra. Heck, you might even know a lot more about yourself (if you do it the first time, you're a prime candidate for a Culebra holiday)

~~~~~~A Taste of Life on Culebra~~~~~~
OK, are you ready? Click here
Have a moment by moment Monday. Do something mentally mellow.

*I don't know where the photo is from on the link. But the photo above is at Flamenco Beach/Playa Flamenco.


  1. Excellent! I used the Soggy Dollar website more than once to bring my blood pressure down, but the site is down more than they are up. BTW, their webcam is kind of a quick blush weather report on Culebra, off in the distance!

  2. Maybe one of these days someone will have a Culebra web fact someone does but I never remember to ask if it is working!
    Yes, I live here and still got enjoyment out of this!