Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's the little things...

Yesterday was full, on and off in that 'work hard, rest, work hard, rest, get done, rest' way we do on Culebra (thanks to two friends who helped me get some big things done!). With no rain, motivation had no excuses for denial. The in-between rest times included a few yard walkabouts, a habit of mine, but especially when I am leaving Culebra for any length of time. And more especially at this time of year.

Each plant, each tree, the ever changing rocky shore - each view that gives me so much joy every day is savored and captured in my head (and yes, in photos I take for myself...that foot tall avocado tree, now in the ground, it's fifth leaf only big enough to see inches away, the houseboat, drifting slowly around its anchors).

Because while I don't spend much time contemplating the worst, and I do, as a rule, hope for the best, I know we are vulnerable. That I could come home to a changed landscape. And I'm over and over renewed with the facts of the love I have for where I live, for what I do, for how fortunate I know that I am. So, if acknowledging the potential of the worst keeps me acutely aware of the best, I think it a good thing.

Have a savoring Sunday! Do something symbiotically.

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