Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Betweens

The radishes are up and thriving!
Days here are a lot like days at home...a little hard work, something else, some work, something else. But here, one big something else is 'going to town'. Yesterday we needed more jam jars and I needed some flours for bread baking. When we got back, we did a few little things and then I looked at the clock and it was 4 in the afternoon! It seemed like it should be around 2. "How'd it get so late so fast?" I asked. Elijah answered, "We went to town." Oh...yeah. I guess that does take time, like at least half of an hour going in. Then maybe an hour there. Then back. Poof! Goes the time.

One of the few little things we did was stop at the bottom of the drive and walk across the street to the river. There is one little branch, just big enough to stick your feet in as the water flows over the rocks. It is cold. Cold enough to chill a beer. Cold enough to take all the extra summer heat out of your body. Cold enough to make a black dog happy.

 Nesta, chillin' her feet

 A fallen madrone tree - pretty much every life stage of this tree has its own unique beauty

 Still and deep and....cold! (no, I haven't gone in, are you crazy?)

 One of a few swinging ropes for those who brave the thrill

 A boy man and his dog

 This is all one tree, that obviously fell many, many years ago. It looks almost petrified. 
It's probably about six feet across, maybe a bit more

This morning dawned foggy and cold. And other worldly beautiful. 

But within a couple of hours, the sun was out, the sky is blue, and it's onward to some project. Jam making, bread baking and...who knows? I like that in a day.

Have a Westward Ho! Wednesday (can I even say that anymore?). Do something with wonder.

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