Saturday, July 30, 2011

Magic Light Time Walkabout

First though, just in case you've been sleeping, Invest 91 is making its way west, with a 70% potential of development. Need I say, 'people get ready'?

The good news is, when we are right in the path this far out, things can change a LOT! The other news is, they can change back. Better to be ready than be surprised.

The afternoon was so beautiful here, it demanded a walkabout. I try not to ignore demands like that...

 Sweet pea vine...very invasive, very beautiful

 This is now designated the Invest 91 puffball...blow away!

 This corn silk is so gorgeous...

 and this one too...

 The tomatillas look like little Chinese lanterns, strung for a garden party...oh! Right.

 Raspberries on the wane

 Blackberries coming on!

 A small flock of wild turkeys going through the field very casually 
(maybe they know it's only summer)

 Wild blackberries in bloom

 A young madrone tree

Lookin' at you lookin' at me

Time to head into the day here...while keeping an eye on Culebra weather. 

Have a safety plan Saturday! Do something sensible.


  1. We've been watching the same system.
    Check out
    I wish I could get a garden going like you have.

  2. Stormpulse is on my list of watched sites for sure! I wish I could have a garden like this (at home, I mean, where much of what I grow in in pots large and small) But I'm sure glad it's here!