Thursday, February 18, 2010

By the way, season's here

Season (what we call the time of year when visitors are an obvious presence in the street, the bars and restaurants and the beaches) was slow coming this year, but I do believe it has arrived. Lots of familiar faces around, back again for warm weather and glorious beaches. Winter here has been unseasonably warm but if you just came from 0 - 15 degrees, that's a good thing!

The last two days have been postcard beautiful, 
and that enhanced a few fold by the smiles of Lucy and Lola.
(photo credit: Molly the Mom)
Since I will be cameraless awhile, if anyone wants to send in shot they've taken around here lately (or, hell, a good shot period, I'm photographically starving here!) send it to me via my email at: caribemj (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Lots of people are reporting whale sightings between here and Culebrita and off of Punta Soldada. Even the ferry from here to Fajardo is providing some shows. So keep your eyes open!!