Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hoodie Hoo Hoodie Hoo!

It's Hoodie Hoo Day! At noon today, go outside and call out - loudly - "Hoodie-Hoo!!"
to chase away winter bits and thus hasten in Spring.

I wonder if we say it backwards here, will winter arrive?
card by Camilia Erikkson

Yesterday's chocolate chip muffins got a big thumbs up from the girls, Lucy in particular was literal about it. Today they requested mango muffins and of course that is just what they are going to get, especially as it is their last day before heading back home. Because they love purple and pink I've added some raspberries for a touch of color, along with the orange of the mango. They smell pretty fine baking, hopefully they'll taste as good.

photo credit: Molly the Mom

Hoodie Hoo and these faces to look forward to? It's going to be a good day!

Late addition! From David Rose (Dad of Lucy and Lola)

"Here is a picture of a waterspout at Zoni yesterday.
Pretty impressive! See you later for muffins."

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