Saturday, January 29, 2011

And that was Friday, Culebra Time

I was walking into town yesterday
When I was picked up by jeep of Fay
He was recycling tourist trash
and his honor wasn’t crashed
then we went to drink the night away

That’s not quite how it happened...but that’s how the song went by the end of the night. Thanks, George and Jane! Thanks, Susie and crew!

Jacinto the Expeditor!
60th Wedding Anniversary! Really. Wow.
Two beautiful women
Two more beautiful women
One beautiful Vilma
Too cute

Beautiful lobster dinner and diners!

And there was dancing!
Love you, girl! Congratulations on this milestone.
Four people I never met in my life but they hung out all night and were nice!
The four seconds I couldn't even get four of the crew together for a photo
Ok. That part is about Susie’s 3rd anniversary party. Except...really, Susie, Jacinto, Kate, Vilma, Ramon, Devonn and...soooooooo sorry, I don’t know the other young man’s name in the kitchen!....were so busy, I really didn’t get a chance to take photos of them, except one I pushed, still not getting them as a group. I have to work today, so I couldn’t stay long enough to see what I know went on later...the team relaxing and maybe some dancing and laughter and letting the joy of three years settle in for celebration.

But in the meantime, it was an excellent day, starting with a big turnout for the Flea Market and the veggie guy, moving on to Dinghy Dock where there were more visitors than I have seen all year, a bit of stoop time at Ann's shop and finally to Susie's. A wonderfully exhausting day and evening. Oh yes, a fine day at the cart as well! Life is good. Very good.

Happy Saturday!!!

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