Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Do We See What We See?

I was walking on the little stony beach at the bottom of my yard yesterday, avoiding thinking about politics, lunatics, rhetorics, and just plain icks. A not very difficult task when at my feet are rustic Nature jewels of varying sizes, compositions and colors. It also helps to have the attention span of a locust, an analogy you'll just have to work out for yourselves.

People who take lots of photos tend to play with visual distance like sailors, astronomers, baseball players and high jumpers do. Ok, like anyone does who needs to see each stage of where one is looking to find out how to get there (which is pretty much everyone, or it should be). Really, that does make sense, just drink some more coffee...or something.

So there I was, looking at this playground of Nature's - well, mostly - flotsam and jetsam,  trying to put them in my little black box, stealing away with images like I do, and not thinking much except how green and soft this plant life looked. How fragile in the tough mangrove roots, rough rocks and broken whelk shells.

When the photos were loaded up, I looked at what I was looking at (she expressed awkwardly) and realized that I'd been looking at everything like this all day long, internally and externally, depending on how close I wanted to get to whatever was passing by my mental or visual screen.

Obviously, I wanted to get closer to this. Rocks and water and plants speak a language I want to listen to, most of the time (maybe need to listen to...ok, no maybe on that one).

Of course, you can flip this whole thing around, too. Sometimes the close up is better viewed from a distance..and that's about all I know about that. Sorry, no big point here; there is no climactic (another ick) denouement to splash on the screen. Just a(nother) random rambling from Culebra. And a few photos. And the wish for your good day, along with mine.

Have a wending Wednesday. Do something wonder full.


  1. In the first photo, is that a piece of blue glass in the middle? If so, would you save it for me. We'll be in Culebra in 42 days. I'll come by the cart and explain my obsession with blue seaglass. Wonderful photos by the way.

  2. Shawke, that is a piece of blue bitch..rock, that is. There are tons of it all over, but I'll be happy to pick up a few (dozen) for you. It's an extraordinary color and I love it! Would be worth a rock tumbler, just to play with it more. See you in 41 days! (I have blue sea glass too, but we'll talk about that when you get here)