Sunday, January 30, 2011

Elephant Seal and Water Moon

This video just felt really Sunday to me. I tried to imagine myself in this and realized I would have not been anywhere as cool and calm as this woman...therein lies the lesson. Or maybe there is no lesson at all, except Be. Which is not a small thing... Thanks, Frank, for sending this along.

song is Adios Ayer. It is on the Cafe Del Mar Series, volume six
In case you get a yen to go to this beach, it is called South Georgia Island, obviously not the US state of Georgia. Here is the site dedicated to information about South Georgia Island.

Early (very early) yesterday morning I was looking at the water, taking some photos, when I saw this odd light, looking like it was coming UP from the water. It was one of those mental gyrations that really only takes a second or less,  but where I was so unable to connect an image to anything in my brain, it was really a cool sort of way. Brain flounder... But then I looked up and realized it was a reflection of the moon and Venus shining brightly in the morning sky. I looked down again...they were right at my feet...amazing. 

Water reflection
The real deal

Have a scenic Sunday! Do something sky full.


  1. I'm in. We've got eagles aplenty, trumpeter swans in three figures, and I'm on the lookout for American white pelicans. River road, here I come!

  2. Wonderful! Did you see the photo of the white pelicans my friend Chris got on facebook (from Florida)? Amazing!

  3. I'll check it out. Meanwhile, we spotted a flight of 60 or so at the Golden Eagle ferry crossing.

  4. That's some crossing, y'all see everything there!!