Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot Sauce time!

Finally! The bottles arrived, and it has been three days of cooking up sauces. My tongue is burning, my eyes are watering and my joy level is pretty much on fire!

Thanks to those of you who have made early orders! Helpin' send Island Woman to camp! Well, more like, Keepin' Island Woman Home is more accurate...

Manaya (Mango & Papaya) Heat
Culebra Pique
Honey Heat
Bajan Heat

Now all I need is for more wax to arrive so I can get everything finished. Damn, they'll look purty!

An earlier season of Honey Heat

On my Hot Sauce website (which gives all the info about the sauces as well as how to order them if you aren't on Culebra to buy them), I have yet to add the Bajan Heat addition. This is a recipe based on the classic Barbados mustard pepper sauce, with my adaptations. It's the hottest sauce I make, but not what I commonly call 'stupid hot' and has what my sauces are known for, a LOT  of flavor. Marsha and Ren turned me on to this style of sauce and so far, it seems to have found an audience for those liking a non-fruit/veggie based sauce with plenty of heat. Now...if I'd just get around to adding that to the website...

Off to town to see if the wax is here!
I want, in some way, to acknowledge what is going on in the States right now, surrounding the events of the Tuscon shootings and more, the memorial yesterday, but I think there is plenty enough and more being said and done; I don't really think I have much to offer on that score. I only know to keep positive hopes, thoughts and prayers heading toward the physical and emotional healing of those wounded, and the hopefully beginning to heal families and friends of both the former, and those who will never come home again.

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