Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Culebra Afternoon Fishing...

You know that all we do around here in the islands is hang out on boats, drink beer and go fishing, right (ok, sometimes we drink rum, but that's usually on the beach under a palm tree)? It's true...for a cat named James. Except for the beer part.

Yes, opposable thumbed slave, set up the pole for me

This will do just fine

Oh great...the bait's gone. Do it again.

I can wait (god, I wish I had thumbs).

tap tap tap tap tap

Hey, hey, there's something on there! Are you paying attention?

Oh greeeeeeaaaaaaat. Lost the bait. Again.

Ok, I think you might have done it right this time. Geeze.

I'll keep an eye on things here. Again.

Hook it! Hook it!, faster, no, ok!

Lookin' good, lookin' good...

Oh God of Keeping Fish Near Me, don't let him fail!

Yep, right where I told you to put him...not bad, two footed one.

Look at him splashin'!

Bait. Well done. Let's call it good. Next.

Sure, there are many troubles in the world, far off and close up. But sometimes, the best thing is to just go fishing.

Have a wonderous Wednesday. Do something workable.


  1. Good thing James has the human there to supervise for him; otherwise, how would anything get accomplished? My favorite blog entry ever!

  2. Uh...the human had James to supervise. I'm sure that's what you meant, right?

  3. Not a very well written comment! I meant it was a good thing that the human was there to act as James' servant.

  4. I's ok, James had me all excited too!

  5. Lovely entry. I love those furry felines!!!