Monday, January 10, 2011

Culebra recipe for How to handle nationally induced angst temporarily

1. Live in an incredibly beautiful place.
2. Work (mainly) for yourself, so you can close (mostly) when you want to close.
3. Be lucky enough to have a good sailor ask you to go sailing
4. Go.
5. Thank the gods of serendipity for a day of perfect timing, perfect weather, great captain.


A good day for sailing

If you're going to shoot a spinnaker, might as well be a purty one!

Incredibly beautiful place mentioned above

Thanks, Capt! Gives 'Let's go around the corner' a whole new meaning!

Hey, I know you in red white and blue!

Heading in...until, "Want to keep sailing?" YES

James keeping an eye on the bonita ini the dinghy

Heading in for real this time   

Day is done. Recipe a success, head/heartache peace'd out
If you don't have access to the above, feel free to substitute some or all of the ingredients with whatever mix brings  you peace, joy and laughter. Stir until done.

Have a meditative Monday. Do something meaningful.


  1. For the moment, I'll just live vicariously in your mix. Oh, and since it happens to be snowing out my window, I'm stirring harder than you can possibly imagine!!!

  2. Hope you'll be back before too much more snow comes your way, I don't want you hurting yourself!