Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wolf Moon and other ramblings

Last night was the apex of the Wolf Moon. I got a message from Dakity that it was big, it was beautiful and that I should be in my yard taking photos. In my yard, there was no moon in the sky. A long wait of  about 30 more minutes saw la bella luna crest my hill in its glory. By then it was only barely tinged with yellow, but it was still beautiful. Very beautiful. I did a little moon dance and howled a bit in honor of being lunarly blessed.

A fitting ending for a day that started like this:

Well, it wasn't really quite like that, but by the time I got to that shot, I was a little retina sun blasted and couldn't really see to adjust the settings - so what the camera took wasn't truly what was going on. It was more like this; lovely but not as dramatic. 
Hey, I'm only the person behind the curtain...

In other big Culebra news (to me; and being the center of my own universe and's big news) my hot sauce is finally back on the cart again, making it look a lot more normal to me. You know how you might take out a favorite chair or piece of well used kitchen equipment for some reason, the gaping hole it leaves, even if it goes unnoticed by many others? That's how the cart has been feeling to me. Now its balance is back~! And pssssst...all you people with orders? They really will be in the mail either today or tomorrow!

Aren't they pretty?

Don't forget to mark your calendar for this Sunday and the Trae tu Silla event. Trae tu silla means Bring Your Seat and that is for real. This is going to be held at the theater by the get there by driving down the RUNWAY side of the airport road. After the speed bump, you'll go about a half a block, keeping an eye to your left. There are entrance gates and that's where you'll turn in. Bring your seat or something to put your seat on, beverages, snacks, whatever you like and spend an afternoon with friends and neighbors watching a variety of performances. What sort? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm ready to be surprised. All I know is I've heard it is going to be good, it's free and it's different. What's not to like?

Sunday January 23 ~ 2:00 - 4:00

I'm not at all sure how it got to be this late in January already. The year is almost 1/12 over! I know it really is winter because I'm eating Mary Jane's. And that means George and Jane are here. Because I, who never ate a Mary Jane in my life - because the package and candy itself sort of scared me (this is from the same company that makes Necco wafers, those off true colors discs that taste like flavored chalk and...well, just take a close look at Mary Jane) will eat them when they come from George. He makes them friendly and somehow, they don't taste anything like they look, if handed to me by George. Otherwise, don't even try to get me to eat one.
And no, my name is not Mary Jane
There, now you know everything I know. Yes, sometimes it really is as simple as it seems to live here. And so am I.

Have a thankful Thursday! Do something timely.

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