Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where Was I, take dos

So...let's see if they have taken my five dollars and given me a bit more photo space. Who knew this day of paying to play, after 20 + years online, would come? But we'll (not quite the royal We; I include the cat) keep kicking the ball around awhile longer, because most of my world is too spilling over beautiful to keep inside one brain and soul.

A couple of days ago...it seems like more but I'm pretty sure it wasn't, I was sitting at the cart when I heard a 'flapflapflap' and looked to see a large bird flying toward the bridge. It's pretty normal to see a pelican doing stunt moves, playing on the air waves at the bridge. One will clear the water pipe by inches, getting a bit of lift to flirt with the bridge supports and glide down the canal, but...something was not right. Grace was not this bird's middle, first or even last name. It was a peacock! The Milka peacock, if I'm not mistaken.

Even the visitors were noticing

I tried to wait until he flew away, but he was pretty scared I think, not ready to go anywhere until he figured out how he possibly could have landed up there. He wasn't there yesterday morning, so obviously he got back to terra firma at some point. Funny bird.

So I think I'm finally caught up. We've had some incredibly beautiful weather, a good amount of people milling about the beaches and the streets, the stores and restaurants. Almost all of the old familiar faces are back - most have smiled during a few traffic kerfluffles on the corner - so I know it must be winter. This is a good thing.

Have a tapping Tuesday! Do something ticklish.


  1. Andre Simard1/26/11, 12:09 AM

    Hello...Your pictures are amazing. My dad and I spoke to my aunt today who lives on the island and will be flying there next month. We are super excited!...I always wanted to experience paradise, and from the looks of it I can't stop smiling. Cheers from New Orleans, and since it's a relatively small island, we might come across you...peace and chicken grease

  2. Thank you, Andre, it can be deliciously beautiful around here sometimes. If your last name and Aunt match up in my head, lucky you!
    It is a very small island and it is quite likely we'll meet; I hope so. Peace and chicken grease works for me, I might have to steal that one. New Orleans...good memories.