Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kings Day!

Today, of course, is Three King's Day, celebrated in many parts of the world, and right here on Culebra. I hope you left hay under your bed for the camels, or no gifties for you! I'm looking forward to seeing the paso finos later today, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season here, right up next to lechon.

The Christmas winds seem to have subsided, leaving behind the aroma of churned up waters at low tide. Not the best smell in the world, not the worst, it reminds me of where I grew up, near the Banana River in Florida. Certain times of year the organic matter would overwhelm the tidal cleansiing and the air would be ripe. A small price to pay for living between the ocean and the river...

Yesterday on the way to town, these two birds were getting set up for fishing. They kindly stayed around while I got off a few shots. Thanks, birds!

Now, after two weeks of having a wind tunnel noise in my landline phone not fixed, I woke to something finally phone signal at all. Thank you, PRTC/Claro! Really, you shouldn't have gone to half the trouble. I can't wait to engage in another delightful conversation with one of your representatives again. Hopefully, I can find Ms. Santiago, who actually makes things happen. Oh, Ms. Santiago, I need you today, por favor!

And now, off to see what is going on in town, beside gas lines. The Three Kings will arrive and pass out presents to the children, the paso finos will be around at some point. The sun is shining the sky is blue and this marks THE END of the holiday celebrations around here. I'm ready.

Have a thorough Thursday! Do something teachable.


  1. Happy Three Kings! My assuredly unreliable paso fino spotting experience, derived from even-year visits, is that they were passing CPX from right-to-left as we were boarding the 10:30am flight to Isla Grande. BTW, I hope to add at least one day to my next New Year visit so that I can enjoy TKD rather than lament missing it.

  2. Next year on TKD! (boy that seems a long way away...)

  3. Happy Three Kings day to you, MJ. I hope you found some goodies were left for you.
    If your phone doesn't recover, I have cans and a massive amount of string. All yours!

  4. Lots of goodies left, June, lucky me!! The phone now is ON again, but the wind tunnel has turned into a turbine wind tunnel. Another call tomorrow, and don't get rid of those cans and string yet! Thanks!!!

  5. Next TKD does seem too far forward. Of course, one teensey powerball hit changes everything.

  6. Yeah. I could try that on for a size...

  7. Hello, Hola!
    I have never visited Culebra and I love it. Get your blog looking for the theme of Three Kings Day. Stunning photos!!
    Greetings from Puerto Rico (Carolina)

  8. Sony, I've been offline for a few days, so I just got to your comment. I hope you do get here sometime, Carolina isn't that far! Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Three Kings Day this year, the first year I've missed it since living here. But the Three Kings did bring me a present in getting back online (on a holiday??? yes, it must be the Three Kings!). Thanks for your kind words and enjoy.