Monday, January 31, 2011

Look Up! Look Down! Look all Around! Holy Culebraized!

Walking into town today, I was suddenly struck by how insanely blue the sky was and how beautiful the clouds were, with their zizzing shapes of wind made visible.

In town itself, I first attributed the extreme quiet and empty streets to Sunday morning-ness. But when I got to the cart, there were a few guys standing in the street and a rumbling sound coming our way. As it turned out, all the streets had been cleared of parked cars to allow this trailer to come through. Ack!

You know that saying, the sea is so large and my boat is so small? That's pretty much how I was feeling about this trailer and my cart. But, in typical Culebra fashion, this was already anticipated and would be dealt a very cool way.

Okay, at this point they've gone up and back a few times to get fairly lined up to cross the bridge. the present angle, the driver would have been taking a corner of my cart with him. Soooooooooo....

In comes the dozer and literally lifts up the corner of the trailer, scootching it up and sideways, maybe...I don't know, not quite off the road, but not quite on it either. Amazingly simple and brilliant. I could stop having a heart attack. As usual, during these 'leave it to the Culebrense' episodes, I'm the only one ever having a heart attack. The Culebrense are just calmly tap/ballet dancing along with ginormous machines or whatever the case may be (though it often involves huge machines), wishing I'd stay out of the way long enough for them to get the job done.

Black marks are from the sideways scraping (Boy, I need some flowers!)

At last, with little to no fanfare (except for me, jumping up and down and clapping my hands in applause - yes yes, the loco Americana), the crew was off and away to where ever this was going. Soon cars were parked back on the streets, and not long after that, all the blocking barrels were collected and taken away. Just another Sunday in Paradox!

Adios, amigos. That was...interesting
 In the afternoon at home, I was finally able to get a few shots of one of my yard hummers. This one is fairly small. The big ones seem to know I am holding a camera and tease me often by darting off at the last second. I delete many shots of...air. Do hummingbirds snicker? I could swear I've heard them do that...

And that concludes the weekend portion of Culebra from my view. A good one indeed!

Have a last day of the Month Monday! Do something memorable (we only get one shot at this, make it count).

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