Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Down to Groovy Basics

Groovy g'morning to you, too, Mr. Horse!
Oh noooooooo, she wrote groovy! Well, yes; yes I did. I might go really wild and write bitchin' next. Who can stop me now (or even try)? Probably no bitchin' though. I really only used that word because it was sort of like allowed cursing, as in...'Dad! That is soooooooo bitchin' looking!' Oh, I was such a rebel!
But I like, and always did like, the word groovy. Sort of fluidly in the groove, rather than statically in a rut is how it has always felt in my head. Which has been known to be somewhat radioactive at times, so best to read at a discreet distance.

Yesterday brought some good finds and good fun to me. One biggie was a yet another great care package from my brother (it's ok to be jealous, I know it's in the best way). Tony the PO guy handed it to me and it rattled rather ominously. 'Sounds broken,' Tony said. 'Very broken,' I agreed. 'From my brother...we'll see.'

If it was broken, I didn't want to spill it out all over the counter, where I usually open mystery boxes - we need the entertainment and Tony and Howard are great participating watchers, knowing they might score something fun depending on the package. I think he was quietly relieved when I obviously was leaving without opening it.

Of course, I knew nothing was REALLY broken...just something rattly. A big gold foil seal-o-packed bag of yummy salmon doesn't rattle! Ah, yes, screws loose in a tin rattle. A lot and loudly.  There was more not rattle making: one side sticky insulating tape (which I actually need!), a very cool mini magnifier (watch out, little bugs!), some hand cleaner samples, a few toggle anchors, more screws, scissors, a VERY neat book by Deek Diedricksen called Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats Funky Forts. Think Earth catalog meets Robert Crumb (or as one reviewer says, Gary Larson meets Bob Vila) and you have a slight hint of Deek's book and mind.

Tin with rattles in it...until it rusts, I'm liking it!
I know, you've wanted that magnifier since you were a wee tot. Me too! I share salmon, but not the magnifier, sorry. If I'd had a stocking for Christmas? That would have been in it. Thanks, bro'!

This map came to my attention today via Shelter Publications
It was done by Oliver Swann of Natural Home. 
It shows natural homes and builders all over the world.
How cool is that??

Jonny also sent along the Lehman's Non-Electric catalog which isn't sent here. I couldn't take a photo as I let Greg borrow it since he helped me transpo wise in another big, exciting part of my day, when my hot sauce bottles came in. Woohooooooo! I've been wanting to make hot sauce for months but needed bottles. Now I've got one batch made, with more on the way. Very exciting. Thank you, Dian and Shay, for your help with the business part and Greg for the van help. I believe y'all have hot sauce in your immediate future!

We need wax dippin' MJ!
I worked in the yard while the hot sauce was cooking, slightly more than a little irritated that apparently the iguanas discovered, and ate, EVERYTHING I WAS GROWING. So now I have to start over. Anyone have some chicken wire they want to get rid of?

Part, maybe the larger part, of being in the yard has nothing to do with tangible harvesting and much to do with enjoyment. The hummingbirds are going nuts, new orchids are blooming and so is the mango tree. I raked up sea almond leaves until the rake handle broke, a sure sign it was time to stop that pleasure and find something else to do. I'm not a huge taskmaster on myself out there...

This photo has nothing to do with anything above and everything to do with groovy basics...(although I'm sure the guy who built her might beg to differ with me on that). This boat is in the harbour right now. She's a new boat, though you'd not guess that, built in Maine and on her first voyage. She's gracing our waterscape for now. Enjoy!

Have a wide Wednesday! Do something wholesome.


  1. Any musician will attest to the beneficence of groove and groovy-ness.

    Anyone we know in that purty ketch?

  2. Exacto on the groove...and nope, not to me, on the ketch. Got that word from someone who had a chat with the owner/builder.