Saturday, January 8, 2011

Culebra Chickens and a Sunset to bring Peace to the World

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog much knows I'm a big defender of things Culebra. Chickens and roosters, parandas at 3 a.m. - that sort of thing. Well. That was BLS (or, BS for short) Before Leaving for the States. After almost nine years, I usually have only had chickens in my yard. You've seen them here. Once there was a rooster, but after I sawed off the limb he liked, he left. Then, I went to America to seek my fortune and visit my children (who ARE my fortune, so I came back broke on the outside, richer than the last PowerBall winner on the inside).

In the months I was gone, something happened in my yard. I'm ashamed to say, my two wild chickens became...well, let's just call a slut a slut. Sluts. Not ONE rooster, not TWO, but three roosters. They are wicked bad boys too, perching right outside my window, two inches from my pillow, and screeching good morning LONG before morning. Being somewhat of a habitual non-sleeper, usually I don't care. But, if I've actually managed to be asleep...and those bas bad boys start going, waking me up, the war is ON!

You can't count all the hens and roosters here, but trust me, it's too many

There seems to be no humane way to make them leave. Screaming like the un-dead, using the fire engine powerful hose, rocks (rocks may not seem humane but if you knew how bad my rock throwing skills are, you'd know - they are quite safe), all to no avail. My next plot involves opening the door of the coop, laying down some good food and inviting them all to partake. SLAM BAM Let's have some chicken, thank you ma'am! Any chicken butchers are welcome to contact me here.

To highly compare to the chaos most fowl, last night's sunset was spectacular and soothing, even though it was exciting in the oh my god! Look NOW! sort of way. So here is peek at one entry in the  diary of a Culebra sunset.Thanks, Mark, for the ringside seat.

(Doesn't this look like a Mad Hatter sort of guy?)

I know, too many photos, but...I was riveted! Go check out your own sunset...let it nail you to the sky wall.


  1. I was riveted, too. Thank you. I wanted to see that big egg laid doused, and maybe the green flash.

  2. We were on the same page...I hoped for a flash as well. It needs a clear horizon though...even so, I still hoped. It was awfully beautiful even without it. Maybe next time!

  3. The green flash? That is on my list of "things to do before I go" list.
    No kidding MJ, I bet if we compared number of sunset photos, we'd be even!
    Post away as many as you want, I love them all.

  4. The first couple pictures' sun is definitely setting behind Santa toting his bag of goodies.

  5. No green flash, but we've got Santa! Works for me, Doug.

    June, thanks for the support, I'm pretty addicted (and it's one of the only socially accepted, if at times annoying, vices I have left, I'm not giving it up!)