Saturday, January 15, 2011

Culebra, where Saturday can be Friday and often is

Being inundated with requests to send money, make tee shirts, and establish long line circles of singers and dancers for the Hokey Pokey Party, I was too busy yesterday to get around to Free Range Friday, which actually happened the Friday before. I think. In fact, all of the above is open to question, so indulge yourselves.

What is true is that this yellow tail and coconut rice dinner was delicious! Or maybe it was mutton fish. This is a problem when one is short term memory impaired, but my taste buds are still singing, so I know it was very good. I can't give all the ingredients, except the obvious, because I was just enjoying the process and was out of the galley for whole moments at a time.

I know there was coconut water involved with the rice water (remember the 2 to 1 ratio for rice, 1 cup rice, 2 water - I'm not sure how much of the water was coconut water. It was there, but subtle so I'd guess maybe a quarter of it, but it could have been more). If anyone wants a more recipe like recipe, I'll see if I can get the chef to help me out. Thanks, Mark! One of the better no muss / no fuss / make it good cooks I know.

Rice, definitely rice. And James, who is checking the fish.
Some seasoning...
Dredging the fish in flour...James making sure it is done correctly
Rice is cooking, fish goes into the heated oil (trust me, that's what's going on)
Getting the fillets in place
Cooking, not long, enough to be nicely browned on one side
That brown...turn 'em over and do it again
Fish out and I think some of the oil drained (here's a mystery part, but I'm guessing)
Rice in, to get the good bits and finish off the cooking
Gently coated and...
Served! Very delicious. Applause held until eating was over.
Does it help that the fish was swimming that morning? I am quite sure it does. So if you can't catch your own dinner, try to get your fish as fresh as possible. which IS possible in most places, including Culebra.

Buen provecho!! Have a sated Saturday! Do something significant.


  1. I would have gladly traded my fresh Lake Champlain salmon for your yellow tail. Not that mine wasn't delicious, but oh-for a change this time of year!

  2. And you know I'd trade with you! If we could just get that damn transporter operational...