Thursday, December 26, 2013

Breaking Traditions ~ Like Breaking Bad But Different

Ok, I have never watched an episode of Breaking Bad. It was recommended to me but I couldn't get through 15 minutes of it. I read a review of what it is about and I still don't know what it is about. But hey, I've never read the Lord of the Rings series either, or Harry Potter, and people I love dearly are passionate about them. What do I know?

I didn't get to Milka's for Santa showing up. I didn't get to the Christmas parade. And, instead of my usual merry making on Christmas spent with a slightly and ever changing cast of characters surrounding a core group for holiday dinner, I spent it instead with some long-time friends who used to live here and come back when they can. 

Beautiful inside and out and both can make simple into gourmet with a grin

It runs in the family. I should have gotten a photo of Jim making the steaks but I didn't.

Weirdly, Lorraine and I both have a Cuban connection from old family ties. So I brought guava and cream cheese, something we had at holidays, though I couldn't find Cuban crackers (then I did in Genesis, but I'd already got another kind). Then the girls added some of Zaco Taco's green sauce which I never would have thought of doing. What a combo! Of course, this is also (minus the green sauce) very popular here, but I always think of Cuba and my father.

This was going to be a lovely family portrait but a face or two wasn't quite ready and friends don't let friends look weird. Or they shouldn't. So instead, the festive board. Who else had venison steaks glazed with Cointreau? Good food. Good talk. Good friends. 

Salsa salad

and finally full, we looked over the bay, listening to the sounds of the parade ending.

The winds are blowing more softly now. There is something good and different in the air and it isn't Boxing Day. 

Have a tidechanging Thursday. Do something not tautological. 

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