Friday, December 27, 2013

Free Range Friday ~ Leftovers are Beautiful

Leftover from the Christmas holiday decorating section, I forgot to post a photo of the up the other road neighbor's addition to the never taken down ornaments from last year. 

The new craze in recycled plastic bottle decorations appears to be cleverly cut fish. They are rampant on the street, though this was the group I'm showing you because it's my favorite (if you are on Culebra, they are on display on the Genesis street, you can't miss them). 

There were more than fish added. Flowers, wind chimes, bobbling bobbles - it is a plethora of plastic recycling ingenuity. Best to click on this and go bigger to get the truer effect. Even in real life, it's a bit much for the brain-eye connection to process. 
I didn't mean to slide into today's food part by cheating. No holiday meals were held at my home, I had no stockpile of anything (except chicken food and that doesn't count, though pound for pound they eat well I'd have to be damn hungry to indulge).

Then came departing friends bearing bags of what they'd not consumed, at least what they thought I'd enjoy. And I did. And I do. And I will.

Nelson Stark Shrimp Linguine 

Shrimp in broth with parsley
Fresh parsley
Garlic - one or two cloves
Parmesan cheese, shaved into slivers (shaken out of the container if you must, but fresh is better)
Olive oil - 4 T - I never measure, so enough to make a not quite the skillet size thin circle
2 qt. sauce pan is big enough for 2 servings

Put on enough water to cook enough linguine for one or two, meaning almost to the top of a 2 quart pan. A circle with your forefinger to the first joint of your thumb is just about one serving of linguine. If that measurement isn't available it should be about a circle of an inch across. 

When the water is boiling, put in the linguine, slowly twirling it down with a large spoon. A large wooden spoon is perfect for this. 

While the pasta is cooking:

Slice the garlic thin. Chop the parsley roughly, holding a bit back for garnish. Sauté both in the olive oil briefly, enough to soften the garlic. 

Check to see if the pasta is ready, it should be just about done. Mix everything in a bowl,  garnish with the parsley and cheese, serve it up. This is sturdy enough to reheat another day. 

If you aren't lucky enough to have friends bring you leftover shrimp (and there is something inconceivable there, but we were four children to their two, that must be it) , cook raw shrimp briefly in boiling water or, preferably, by sautéing with the garlic and parsley. Shrimp cooks quickly! and overcooked is not a good thing.

Buen provecho!

Have a frolicsome Friday. Do something freely.


  1. Remind you of leftover spiny langosta linguini from a few years back?

    1. Oh yes it does. That was one of the top excellent dinners ever!