Monday, December 30, 2013


Though rainwater is still coursing down the hillsides, encouraged by occasional sun and rainbow showers  these last days of the year have been mostly filled with good strong light and blue skies, even while the occasional gusts blow. 

Christmas winds. I'd never heard that term until I moved to the islands; it is a phrase that works into the subconscious, especially during sultry summer days. It brings freshness, clean clothes on the line freshness, toppling me out of my heat torpor. Straight out the door.

On a walk, one of those that have no end point so you might as well keep on going, these are a few of the things I saw. 

Good morning, moon!

The noble ani. Squawk.

Probably my favorite stretch of road on Culebra. Most of the time.
If this isn't Culebra, there isn't a Culebra. Which might be entirely possible.

But so is this.
The day brightens, the sun climbs. Gears shift to checking my list and moving into chore mode. The profound skips lightly. 

Have a mark your time Monday. Do something makeshift.

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  1. I saw that smiling moon this morning before first light, after a day of rain cleaned the sky. Made me go wow!! beautiful. Stood and looked until the cold was too much, then got in my warm pickup and drove to work.